A F R A I D . [070817]

I’m afraid. I’m afraid to sleep again. To close my eyes and drift off to sleep. Afraid that the bad dreams will come back. To hunt me. To hurt me. To torture me. I’m screaming in my dream. I’m running towards nowhere. Running from someone. Running from death. Panting, hiding, exhausted. To the woman figure […]

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Early in the morning.

*23rd of May 2017, 7:09 a.m* Skin tight. Neck prickle. Tingling sensation. Eyes hurting. Crying. Unable to keep up. Down. Down. Down. Curling up in bed. Balled fist. Anxiety attack. Depression. Not a good combination. Help. I need help. I’m Drowning. Suffocating. Morning. Crying. Hiding under the sheets. I don’t want to go out. I […]

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12:30 a.m

What if? A never-ending question. A question that we often ask to ourselves. A question that is hard to answer or maybe don’t have an answer at all. Do you have one? if yes, what is it? what are you thinking right now? what are your feelings? Being awake at this hour it will give […]

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Mid-Summer night Thought. #0.1

Eyes wide open. Mind is somewhere else. Thinking randomly in a mid-summer night. Can’t sleep. Feeli’n tired and heavy. Head is aching. Throbbing. Wanted to shout but can’t do it. Eyes are damped. Crying. Sobbing. Heart. Aching. Soul. Ripping. Mind. Bleeding. Can’t think straight. Voices in my head. Disturbing. 3 a.m. Lying in bed. Depressed. […]

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Do you ever felt like you don’t want to wake up from your sleep? like you wan’t to end your suffering, and end everything. Sometimes all I wan’t is to just close my eyes, sleep and never wake up but nothing happened, I still woke up feeling tired and heavy as if all the weight […]

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Letter for him.

Hey, I know that you’ve been my friend, my buddy, my shoulder to cry on, my everything but to you I want to be that someone. Someone who make you feel love. Someone who make you laugh. Someone who is always by your side. To be that someone who can make you feel special. but […]

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Mahal na ata kita.

Nagkakilala sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon nagkakilala sa maling oras at panahon Nagkausap, nagkapalagayan ng loob Nagkausap, unti-unting nahulog.   Sa mga matatamis mong salita mga mata mong nagniningning sa tuwing tayo’y nag uusap mga ngiti mong nakakahumaling sa tuwing ika’y bumabaling saakin. Puso ko’y unti-unting nahuhulog nahuhulog, nahuhulog, nahuhulog ang puso ko. hindi ko na kayang […]

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