A F R A I D . [070817]

I’m afraid.
I’m afraid to sleep again.
To close my eyes and drift off to sleep.
Afraid that the bad dreams will come back.
To hunt me.
To hurt me.
To torture me.
I’m screaming in my dream.
I’m running towards nowhere.
Running from someone.
Running from death.
Panting, hiding, exhausted.
To the woman figure with no face.
She’s wearing a clothes, Victorian era used to wear.
A knife in hand.
She’s running after me.
I was crying.
Hiding trough closed door.
. . . . .
Then I woke up
to the sun shining brightly outside.
I know it by then,
Not a good day to start.


Mid-Summer night Thought. #0.1

Eyes wide open.
Mind is somewhere else.
Thinking randomly in a mid-summer night.
Can’t sleep.
Feeli’n tired and heavy.
Head is aching. Throbbing.
Wanted to shout but can’t do it.
Eyes are damped. Crying. Sobbing.
Heart. Aching.
Soul. Ripping.
Mind. Bleeding.
Can’t think straight.
Voices in my head.
3 a.m.
Lying in bed.
You are not worth it.
You are not enough.
3:05 a.m.
Eyes are heavy.
Heavy breathing.
Fresh tears.
Eyes. Swollen.
3:10 a.m.
Eyes. Close.
Morning came.
Same routine.

- P