12:30 a.m

What if?

A never-ending question. A question that we often ask to ourselves. A question that is hard to answer or maybe don’t have an answer at all. Do you have one? if yes, what is it? what are you thinking right now? what are your feelings?

Being awake at this hour it will give you time to reflect and think about almost everything. Thinking about the what if’s, all the possibilities, all the wasted opportunities, happy and sad memories, e-ve-ry-thing. At this hour you will think about all the problems and what will the future brings you when you don’t know what to do with your life anymore. or at least for me. I am thinking what will happen tomorrow? or the next day? the other day, next month or maybe next year? will I be still alive when that time comes? what if I’m not? will they grieve? will my so-called-friends will go to my wake or will they just think that I am just a waste of their time?. So many questions yet no answers.

I remember when I was a kid I used to say to my friends that when I die I will put a wi-fi on my tomb so that many people will visit me. I think that’s funny not until now that I finally realize that I really don’t have a true friend. maybe you will think right now that I am not normal but yeah, it’s true. that I don’t have a true friend. Maybe I don’t deserve one or maybe they just don’t like me. I will just settle for the first one because I know it’s true. I am a huge package to carry thru out the day, what more everyday? that’s why I think I don’t have one. They just don’t know me, they don’t try to know me, they don’t want to. I know it because I myself don’t know myself too. I am a kind of person that will tell you that I’m great but I feel the opposite, I will smile but it was forced. I’m tired of doing that things but I need to continue with my life. I remember one of our professor told us “The world will not stop for you.”  it is already intact in my mind and I will never ever forget that. the world will not pity you, it will not stop for you just because you did something wrong or just because you disappoint someone or failed on one of your exam. just go on and continue with your life. live life to the fullest as they say because you never know before it’s too late.

Maybe I’m saying this more to myself than more to you, because I want to live. I want to enjoy life, to make friends and to have a best friend where you can talk to every time something good or bad happens to you. I want to be free like a bird that had been caged for months. I want to spread my wings and explore, to feel, to be brave enough to fly with the eagles and albatross and other big birds. like a bird, I want to be free from my unnerving, negative and depressing thoughts. I want to be brave to go outside and meet and talk to new people without being anxious and terrified that they might hate me. I want to prove to myself and to other people that I am worthy enough that I am not just the other girl who want’s the attention of other people. I am just being me. this sad girl who wants to change.